Roxy Trading Inc.

The Roxy Trading Head-Quarters in Pomana, California The back side of Roxy Trading Head-Quarters showing the truck loading docks

It is our belief that, food is an integral part of the culture that brings joy and tie to the family as well as serves as a conduit for promoting cultural understanding and Harmony.

"And ye shall eat the fat of the land."
- Genesis 45:18

"There is no love more sincere, than the love of food."
- George Bernard Shaw

"Food and drink are the bases of all rites."
- Li Ji (Chronicle of Rite, China. 551 BC - 479 BC)

Roxy Trading Inc. is one of the top-ranking Pacific Rim specialty food importers and distributors in California. The company currently imports from more than 11 countries. Our products are sold in major Asian supermarket across the U.S. as well as some mainstream supermarket chains such as Safeway, Albertson's, and Ralph's Markets.

The company humbly started in 1983 in Alhambra, California as a small importer of mainly confectionery products and specialty foods. It grew quickly into a major brand carrier in the 1990's after successfully launching new products for Best Foods and Nestle into Asian retail stores. Roxy Trading Inc. was able to incorporate marketing efforts with its distribution capability to provide a full service package for products that it supplies and carries. A new facility opened in Northern California in Union City. This terminal provided products to the Asian markets in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose' and all of the surrounding markets in the Greater Bay Area.

The Roxy Trading Terminal in Union City, California

In 1994, Can-Roxy Trading Inc. was established in Toronto, Canada to serve the Asian markets in Eastern Canada. In 2002, Roxy moved into the facility which was previously occupied by Home-Grocer. The new facility in Azusa, California provided state-of-the art cool storage facility and production capability to its existing distribution outlets to supply the Asian market chains throughout the U.S.

The Canadian Terminal in Canada

In 2010, Roxy Trading Inc. grew into a major corporation supplying Asian markets across the western sea-board and along the Pacific Rim. It moved into the new facility in Pomona, California, which provided state-of-the-art cool storage facility and production capability. This increased the company's capacity to Intrastate distribution and North American Outlets. With the Can-Roxy Trading Inc., The company has extended its reach to the entire North American continent. Roxy Trading Inc. products are sold in major Asian supermarkets across the U.S. as well as various mainstream supermarket chains in America and Canadian Providence.